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AOL Logs [17 Aug 2006|12:56pm]
Something Awful put out an amusing article regarding the release of AOL search logs. Find it here:


I believe they even have a link to the entire thing--and having seen more quotes before this...well... its worth your time if you're up for losing all faith in humanity.
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[16 Aug 2006|03:01am]

( Custom BuiIt AOL profile )
so, how do you like it?

soaked with sin?


soaked in sweat?


soaked in blood?

everyone has their own

guilty pleasures.

basically, i play everything here, as long as its a herm;
- nekos, humans, demons, dragons, mythical creatures & mixes.
- busty, top heavy, curvaceous, gravity defying and cartoonish
- huge, oversized, monsterous and hyper endowed
- tiny, short, average, tall, dominating, gigantic...
- multiple limbs, endowments, breasts, tails, so on....
- humans, centaurs, minotaurs, naga, etcetera.
- drumloads of goo. sensual to aggressive in bed.
- aggressive, dominant, sweet, seductive, disasterous

what do i like to play with?
- female characters most of all, sometimes other herms
- alteration, expansion and transformation play.
- humans, nekos, exotic mixes like my own charries
- curvaceous, particularly in the bust, is always a must.
- (please discard that horrible rhyme, it wasnt on purpose >.<)
- glasses, corsets, leather, latex, heels and vinyl... on and on...
- ageplay, tattoos, tattoing, scarring, piercings, you get the idea...

what is too taboo for even me?
- male characters with my herms is a no-go.
- family, bathroom related, excessive gore.
- very bad rp (try to aim for a full IM box or more, please? )
- and of course, the plain.

what's a great way to get on my good side?
- fans of ferris, winger, and sometimes gideon
- tattoos, glasses, exotic attire and characters
- interesting ideas, multi-char players

phew, that was long, IM me already ;)
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[12 Aug 2006|05:39pm]

OnlineHost: SXandloliipops has entered the room.
SXandloliipops: I LOVE GAY PIRATES!!!
OnlineHost: SXandloliipops has left the room.
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Let's see what the insufferable idiots of the MT have for us tonight! [05 Aug 2006|12:20am]

Tygrrrress: Ye does nae like Llamas Rick?
Tygrrrress: :: grin. Llama whapping::

Maybe all that llama whapping is why you're "legally blind", spanky.
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a lovely hat [16 Jul 2006|06:24pm]

LiLiTaLiAnChIcA: i was wondering M'Lord will u please eat my feet
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[12 Jul 2006|12:56am]

YURA THE DEMON14: hey since u rp can i add u 2 my BL?
those puppets: no.
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Jerked, not stirred. [19 May 2006|08:17am]

KenjiMirshann: < 'past-time of Kenji's...That's why he had offered the imp ice, as he had seen her before quite enjoying it. Another glance to the injured human the imp was conversing with. Another yawn, and another dink from his glass. ::
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rarer beauty is so sparsely seen [17 May 2006|06:45pm]

Vader555: :fucked her up the ass:
Vader555: :gives Macaulay Culkin a abortion:
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I promised myself I'd stop posting MAU quotes, but... [16 May 2006|09:40pm]

MAUTHENghtwlkr: ANnaCArra you know you may have pulled it out but it is never gone.
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more like pololtician [16 May 2006|09:31pm]


What do I don't know?
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profile for: suupaa [16 May 2006|06:28pm]


The name's Melissa Lima, but you can just call me Tails, Suupaa, or ML. (That's right, I'm Melissa "Tails" Lima.)

I've been RPing Sonic the Hedgehog since Summer 1995 as Miles "Tails" Prower.

I also RP my character Project Nitrogen the Fennec Fox/Sperm Hybrid A.K.A. Cloud the Biohazard. Watch out for your character when I RP him, because it could be gone shortly after I enter, if you know what I mean. :>


(Also, keep in mind that Cloud is really copyrighted to me, so if you steal him, I'll fuckin' kill your character, hack your ass, and then make sure your life is a living hell until you finally decide the right choice is to change your character to something else.)

Other characters I play as are Anti-Sonic the Hedgehog (of which is an OC of mine), Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Tikal the Echidna, and Cream the Rabbit.

I'm undefeated. Wanna' fight me? I RP using TB Logic. TBOP is okay too, but I just think that's fuckin' lame so I try not to do that too much. **I'd offer SiM too, but I am currently using a keyboard of which does not allow me to type over two hundred words per minute like I usually do. The fuckin' piece of shit is missing keys and I have to slam my fingers down on each key anyway, therefore causing me to type much slower than I really can. Just wait a month or two, and I'll be able to use my computer again.

Wanna' IM me? E-mail me, and I'll let you contact me at Suupaa Shadou temporarily. (This pertains to those I do not know.)

I do, in fact, have a deviantART account: suupaashadou.deviantart.com

Keep in mind that Cloud the Biohazard really isn't a Sonic fancharacter anymore. He is now the main character of a video game/anime series I am starting. So again, I beg of you not to copy him because of that reason.

You wanna' be friends? Well, as long as you're cool, insensitive, and not a n00b, we'll all be okay! (In other words, I'm a bit of a joker, so do not take some of the shit I say seriously. And uh, I do not tolerate newbies. They piss me off.)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. . . Just don't ask too many. ROFL.


Project Nitrogen the Fennec Fox/Sperm Hybrid A.K.A. Cloud the Biohazard and all related characters/intellectual property are owned and (c)Melissa "Tails" Lima
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[15 May 2006|07:02pm]

G ChiId: ::goes to Bar and buys evangeline a glass of the finest wine::

*nods in thanks to (g child)

G ChiId:
the finest wine...for the finest woman in all the land...

G ChiId:
i have never seen such beauty....and am truly honored to make your acquintance m'ady...

G ChiId:
::embarrassed by the sudden rigimortous stricken in his pants::
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I bet I know what they're hungry for [15 May 2006|06:10pm]

MAUTHENghtwlkr: do you think i would look at me i am calm and have changed much ::his eyes and pentagrams glowed red with hunger::
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What does this even MEAN [15 May 2006|02:13pm]

ZethWnF: ::Mountain Dew obtained, paid and tipped for. Then fwip-fwapping his way over to the porch rail to hop atop and sit along, back to a support pillar. Popping the top and looking toward Paige, then:: Oo. Y'c'n ma'e 'er ran' now wi'ou' e'en sayin' stuff, Rickster!
ZethWnF: An' y'didn' ge' th' sore throa' when y'di'? G'ba' t'drin'in' tha' stuff.

Going a little overboard with the apostraphe-talk don't you think? Whats an accent if no one can understand what the hell you're saying? I need a decoder ring just to read this damn chatroom.
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[15 May 2006|01:05pm]

good naruto, you look kinda cool

Morbid Demeanor: What?  A girl was looking at him now.  Quite looking so good Dizzy.
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She's just a sweet dark, darkness, darkity dark of dark. [15 May 2006|04:01am]

DarkStar68040339: ::~~::She let's her hair sway beutifuly in a way and her birthmark shined in a dark aura::~~::
DarkStar68040339: ::~~::"Sasha. princess of darkness" :she replys with a dark grin:
DarkStar68040339: ::~~::Her wing's twinkle alittle of a red aura as it driped like blood as a sort of show off: "im just a darkness relation of the royal family. angel sort of"
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[14 May 2006|10:19pm]

Sarah Blackrose: you not old daddy but ok ::she gives him her special kiss;:  hows that daddy??

TheatricaIPains: Charisty Anna Wallace just sashayed right on into the Tavern, singer a song under honey-sweet breath. "Doesn't matter what they said, 'cause we were good in bed..." Duh nuh, nuh nuh nuh! Nickelback. Black, blonde, and brown streaked
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[14 May 2006|03:38pm]

DarkStar68040339: ::~~::She kneels down at a tree and she spread's her wings fully as they drip of her Rare Freash AB Posative blood and she stands up slowly and holds her side:: "what the?"

evil meIissa: ::Morgana's eye's pooped open quickly in anticipation of his movement.  She watched him grab her head and she knew what he was doing.  This man was truly in deep pain.::

Elfin Runes: "That'll work. Once my tea arrives could I trouble you for one?"
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The villian vamp: -she turns back to (Mauthen)given him a devilish grin as her white fnags came out growling at him not to show harm then seeing that he was talking to another she turn back seeing no tneder-
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The Case of the Missing Alphabet [11 May 2006|06:44pm]

ZethWnF: Def'ly. Y'migh' wanna ta'e no'es. ::Wolfish grin, yew betcha::

Well... yuh. ::A finger up to taptap at the mark she left behind:: See? Wasn' qui'e th' same thin'. ::Wolfish grin just grew another notch, y'know::

::Half-lidded eyeing of Rick. Amused, very... then Paige saved the Garou. Zeth was gonna say stuff that'd TRULY get him hurt:: ...don' thin' 'eels'd g' wi' m'shor's, tho'.
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